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BACAČI SJENKI (SHADOW CASTERS) is a non-profit international artistic and production platform dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration, creation and reflection within the field of intermedia arts, especially in the domain of its implementation in urban spaces. Its seat is in Zagreb.

SC stimulate intercultural dialogue through creating projects platforms for active cultural exchange between Croatian and international artists and professionals, at once questioning the existing concepts of individual and collective identity.

Through its activities, SC encourages the debate on the nature and contradictions of the on-going globalization process, dealing with those social, political and cultural issues that reveal the acute and chronic “blind spots” of a certain society.

In the course of the 14 years of its existence, SC have produced a number of projects on local and international level. The majority of these projects, created as performative, educational, multimedia or socially engaged time sculptures, examines the relation of man and space through entirely different approaches: a specific study of world cities that takes on the shape of poetic-detective urban travels (Shadow Casters); amalgamating and juxtaposing the material space of the performance and the real time of actors with the virtual space and the delayed time of film (Process_City, part III: Process_in_Progress); penetrating into the microcosm of one Zagreb skyscraper and the multi-facetted revealing of its past, present and future (Man is Space: Vitić Dances, intermedia project and full-length documentary film); travelling through the material space of memory of a city neighbourhood that turns into a unique travel through one’s own memory, feelings and sub-conscioussness, thanks to the special sensorial conditions of the visitors (Process_City, part II: Ex-position); creating a multimeda archive of urban events that become the tool for studying the hypertextuality of space (Re-collecting City/Re-collecting Time); a metaphysical travel on the edge of collective and individual consciousness, through the realms of dream and death as the only safe refuges from history (Process_City, part I: Vacation From History).

For their work, SC have received various recognitions and awards, among them Special Jury Award at 41st Belgrade International Theatre Festival BITEF for their production of Ex-position, and the Avaz Dragon Award at the 48th Sarajevo International Theatre Festival MESS for the entire trilogy Process_City.

SC projects have thus far gathered over 80 artists and professionals from 18 countries world-wide. Their projects have been produced and presented at festivals and manifestations in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Bologna, Graz, Pisa, Ljubljana, Udine, Bjelovar, Belgrade, Marseille, Leiden, Križevci, Genoa and New York, in collaboration with local partners (Urban Festival, Croatian Film Days, MI2 Institut, Small Front Festival and Eurokaz festival-Zagreb, BOK Festival-Bjelovar, Undefeated City Festival-Križevci, ARL and Karantena Festival-Dubrovnik /Croatia/; Exodos Festival and Modern Gallery-Ljubljana /Slovenia/; Festival Conttato-Udine, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Crocce-Genoa, CinemaTeatro LUX-Pisa, Fabbrica Europa-Florence, Stagione di Caccia festival and Orchestra Stolpnik-Bologna /Italy/; CENPI, Rex Cultural Centre-Belgrade, BITEF /Serbia/; Forum Stadtpark Cultural Centre-Graz /Austria/; FIAT Festival /Montenegro/; LFK&La FRICHE-Marseille /France/; Leiden University /The Netherlands/; The Kitchen, Dancing in The Streets and Columbia University-New York /USA/).

ADDRESS: Bosanska 10/II, & Martićeva 44/II, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
PHONE: +385 1 464 02 62
FAX: +385 1 464 02 62
E-MAIL: bacaci.sjenki@gmail.com
WEB: http://shadowcasters.blogspot.com

Responsible person: Boris Bakal, katedrala@priest.com,

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